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Saket Agarwal
Life Coach

Saket has three Decades of Investment experience giving high RoCE and Value Creation


He has set up multiple business in varied domains, from Telecom, Enterprise Mobility, Retail network, Digital services & Financial Services


During his professional journey, he created an amazing work culture, leading to either long lasting “age-on-network” colleagues OR conversion of individuals to Entrepreneur, and the list is not small, a whopping 30+ CEOs /  Founders.


At heart, Saket is a Philanthropist and keeps looking at problems faced by large human populations and working out solutions for the same.


Currently immersed into solving issues around healthcare, key focus areas being preventive philosophy through changes in lifestyle, advisory, education and use of technology to monitor & provide quality solutions at minimal cost.


India has, in the last two decades, fast progressed on affordability and disposable income, with a massive middle class and above population segment, falling into the deadly TRAP of multiple ailments linked to such lifestyle, which is far too Easy at one end and Too stressful at another. Typical explanation being - proverbial living Life on the TREADMILL.


On the personal side, Saket is a movie buff, likes to read books, listen to ghazals and typically likes to spend time with family at home.

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