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BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine

bmc y30t bipap
  • Model: BMC Y30T Bipap machine

  • Pressure Range (cm H2O)

  • 2. 4~30 cm H2O.

  • Warranty - 1 year

  • Ramp Rate. 0-60 min

  • Accessories - Humidifier, Tube, Power adapter, Power cord, Filter, Hose Pipe

  • Operating Mode - BiPAP-ST, T, S, CPAP

  • Working modes free changing

  • Large screen, easy operation

  • Online Data Center

  • High Speed Mainboard

  • High-powered turbo fan

Rent: Rs. 3500/month
Sale price: Rs. 34000

BMC Full Face F4 BiPAP /CPAPMask

BMC Full Face F4 BiPAP /CPAPMask
  • AutoFit cushion: The shaped groove on the cushion provides an inclusive range adapting to most of the face contours.

  • Slim forehead brace: A balance between the reinforced stability and the widened vision is achieved by the slim brace inspired by the minimalist concept.

  • Multifunctional port: Two embedded ports on the bilateral sides of the main frame make the oxygen input or pressure test as convenient as possible.

  • Ball & socket elbow: The universal elbow allows the user to turn over freely as needed.

  • Modular design: Three cushion sizes are compatible with the same frame. All size kit is available for your choice.

Sale price: Rs. 2500

BMC P2 Nasal Pillow BiPAP/CPAP Mask

BMC P2 Nasal Pillow BiPAP/CPAP Mask
  • Adjustable headgear to fit all sizes.

  • Minimalist design maximizing therapy efficiency with minimum user discomfort

  • Flexible swivel design minimizing mask movement and leaks.

  • Multi-vent holes allow quiet and peaceful therapy

  • Recommended for patients with a nasal bridge irritation or for claustrophobic patients.

  • Single strap adjustment

  • Multi-vent holes for quiet and peaceful operation

Sale price: Rs. 4000

SynoCare Full Face BiPAP/CPAP Mask

Synocare Full Face Mask with Strap For BiPAP and CPAP
  • Full face mask is designed to provide a comfort and stability. Comfortable head rest is round stitched headgear for long use, Easy clip-on head gear clips.

  • 360 degree swivel rotation of elbow. More venting holes to reduce noise and effectively disperse airflow.

  • The soft cushion and different height forehead pad with pressure distribution technology for comfort .

  • Size - 154.93mm x 78.38mm x 60.51mm (L x W x H). Indigenous product completely made in India

  • How to use - Fix the upper ends of the strap to the mask, attached the mask to the face, fix the lower strap to the mask and then tighten the lower end of the strap. Install the main air hose for circulation.

Sale price: Rs. 2000

Recliner Bed

Recliner Bed.png

3-Function Bed

Hospital Bed Mumbai

5-Function Bed

Hospital Bed In Mumbai
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