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Paramount Bed Price in Gurgaon

Paramount Bed Gurgaon

Paramount Bed Gurgaon - Delivered Home!

Looking to create the ultimate recovery environment for your patient? Paramount Bed designed to meet the highest standards of safety and care in patient recovery.

Are you searching for the perfect blend of supreme quality and affordability in a hospital bed? Look no further! Paramount Bed offers a range of premium products, including the highly sought-after "Paramount Bed Qualitas NX," at the best prices in the market. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing cost-effective solutions that never compromise on patient safety and comfort. Discover the paramount difference today by exploring the exquisite selection of beds we have to offer. From standard Paramount Bed prices to the unbeatable Paramount Bed Qualitas NX price, we have options that cater to every budget and requirement.

Key Features & Benefits Paramount Bed - Qualitas NX

Paramount beds are thoughtfully engineered with a comprehensive range of features that prioritize patient well-being while streamlining caregiver workflows. Take a look at what makes Paramount Bed the industry leader in patient safety:

Key Features
Vibrant Color Options
Customize your bed to match your facility's aesthetic
Self-Supporting Head and Footboard
Effortless cleaning and maintenance
Integrated Extension Frame
Accommodates different patient sizes and needs
Angle Indicator
Helps caregivers adjust bed positions precisely
Manual and Electric CPR Buttons
Ensures emergency readiness in critical situations
Easy Grip Handles
Facilitates bed transportation and maneuverability
Nurse Control Panel
Efficient control for caregivers
Handheld Controller
Easily adjustable bed settings for patients' comfort
Inwards Slanting Panel
Convenient access to bed controls
Anti-Tampering Locks
Prevents accidental release of side rails for added security
Smooth Surfaces
Removable mattress deck for easy and efficient cleaning
Minimal Gaps
Allows patients to sit on the edge of the bed securely
Low Bed Height
Provides stability for patients while getting in and out
Full Length Side Rail
Follows IEC standards for body entrapment prevention
Low Height Indicator
Ensures bed height is at its lowest

Paramount Bed takes pride in providing beds that fit seamlessly into any healthcare setting. With the "Paramount Bed Qualitas NX," you gain access to the perfect dimensions for optimal space utilization. The total length of 222 cm ensures ample room for patients to rest comfortably. The bed's total width of 98.8 cm strikes the ideal balance between space-saving design and patient comfort. Furthermore, the adjustable total height ranging from 77 cm to 112 cm offers flexibility to cater to various patient needs. Paramount beds are meticulously crafted to create an environment where patients can feel at ease, and caregivers can navigate with ease, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience for all.

Yes / No
4 Castor Wheels
4 Side ABS Panels
Head/Foot ABS Panels
Bed With Wired Remote

The "Paramount Bed Qualitas NX" boasts an array of functions carefully designed to prioritize patient well-being and caregiver convenience. Adjust the head angle from 0 to 70 degrees, providing patients with optimum comfort during various activities. The knee angle can be adjusted from 0 to 25 degrees, accommodating patients' specific requirements. The Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg feature offers an adjustable tilt of -12 to 12 degrees, catering to patients' positional needs. Additionally, the bed has a safe working load capacity of 230 kg, ensuring robust support for patients of varying sizes. With Paramount Bed Qualitas NX, patient comfort, caregiver efficiency, and uncompromised safety are always at the forefront. Experience the pinnacle of healthcare solutions with the "Paramount Bed Qualitas NX" today!

Extension Frame
Safe Working Load
230 Kg
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
-12 to 12
Knee Angle
0-25 Degree
Head Angle
0-70 Degree
Side Rail Height
39.3 cm
Side Rails
Gapless Side Rails
Mattress Deck
Mattress Deck
Side Rails
Gapless Side Rails
Total Height
77 to 112 cm
Total Width
98.8 cm
Total Length
222 cm
Paramount Bed A5 Manual Bed

Key Features & Benefits Paramount Bed - A5 Manual Type

Paramount beds are thoughtfully engineered with a comprehensive range of features that prioritize patient well-being while streamlining caregiver workflows. Take a look at the features of Paramount Bed A5 Manual bed:

Adjustable Mattress Base Height
Easily adapt the bed to patients' needs with height variation 75.5 to 110.5cm
High Safe Working Load
Accommodates patients up to 180 kg
Optimal Bed Dimensions
Total length of 220 cm and width of 99 cm
Adjustable Head and Knee Angles
head angle - 0 - 70 degree, knee angle 0-25 degree
Openness-Enhancing Side-Rail Design
Patients feel open and medical personnel maintain awareness
Easy Maintenance and Parts Replacement
Convenient cleaning and top-down parts replacement
Gapless Design between Bed Frame and Side-Rails
Ensures maximum stability for patients sitting and standing
Ergonomic Side-Rail Design
Provides additional support for patients while standing up
Low Bed Height
Allows patients to comfortably place their heels on the floor
Complies with IEC60601-2-52 Standards
Reduces risk of patient entrapment for enhanced safety
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