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Hospital Bed on Rent in Amritsar

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Best Quality Hospital Bed on Rent in Amritsar

We at Healthy Jeena Sikho, have made getting Hospital bed at home on rent in Amritsar very simple. Learn all about hospital bed on rent process. Healthy Jeena Sikho is proud to provide Hospital Bed on rent  in Airport Road, Gobind Nagar, New Amritsar, Ranjeet Avenue, Batala Road, Putligarh, Mirankot Road for home users.

Simple Hospital Bed on rent could cost as low as Rs 2500 per month.

Motorised Recliner Rent at Rs. 4,000 per month. 

Motorised Hospital Bed on Rent starts from Rs. 5000 per month. 

Semi Fowler Bed Price starts from Rs. 19,000

Hospital Motorised Bed Price / ICU Bed Price  starts from Rs. 58,000  to Rs. 70,000.

Motorised Recliner Price for sale is available at Rs 23,000. (GST included @18%) 

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have worked out all possible solutions for the varied requirements for the patient(s) for faster recovery or elevating quality of life with the mobility solutions from Hospital bed to motorised recliner bed to variety of wheelchair solutions. 

At the core, hospital bed are categorized into three broad ones

a. Manual Hospital Bed - also known as mechanical bed or simple hospital bed

b. Motorized Hospital Bed - also known as Electric hospital bed OR  ICU Bed

c. Motorised Recliner Bed - Extremely handy solution, sits on top of normal home bed

Today we have stores in Multiple Cities catering to nearby locations:

  • Mohali : Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, New Chandigarh, Dera Bassi

  • Panchkula : Panchkula, Dhakoli, Pinjore, Chandi-Mandir, Kalka

  • Chandigarh  : Chandigarh, PGI, PU, Burail, Dhanas, Mani Majra

  • Bathinda : Muktsar, Mansa, Moga, Kotkapura

  • Shimla : Mashobra, Naldera, Chail, Narkanda, Kufri,Theog, Solan 

  • Jalandhar : Phawara, Hoshiarpur, Nakodar, Kartarpur, Beas, Banga

  • Mandi : Mandi, Sundar Nagar, Pandoh, Sarka Ghat,  Kullu

  • Patiala : Rajpura, Nabha, Samana, Fatehgarh Sahib

  • Ludhiana : Ludhiana, Sangrur, Mandi Gobindgarh

  • Noida :  Noida, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Sarita Vihar, Mayur Vihar

  • Greater Noida : Greater Noida, Surajpur, Dadri 

  • Yamuna Nagar : Yamuna Nagar, Jagadhri, Ambala, Kurukshetra

  • Ghaziabad : Raj Nagar Extension, Crossing Republik, Vaishali, Indirapuram, 

  • Faridabad : Faridabad, Badarpur, Surajkund, Old faridabad 

We are delighted with our happy customers who are giving great reviews about our products and services. Click here to READ at Google My Business.  Some snippets - click to read all. 

With our own manufacturing facility, we not only provide 20-standard variants of Hospital Bed (patient bed), we take pride in our ability to provide Custom Built Hospital bed with our ISO certified manufacturing facility.

Find - hospital bed at home rental. Hospital beds for home use.

There is a series of words used to describe a Hospital Bed. You should know all of it and be clear that most of it means, same, except few minor variations. Terms like Hospital Bed, Patient Bed, Medical Bed are used interchangeably.

Find Patient Hospital Bed on rent in Amritsar.  ICU at home and Medical Equipment on rent in Amritsar.

Then come  some variations for the manually (non Electric) operated hospital beds -

Manual Hospital Bed - Also slightly technical name Fowler Bed & Semi-Fowler Hospital Bed. These have back-raise function using crack system, done manually. Full Fowler (or Fowler Bed) allows for both back raise/back rest and leg raise function. The price of simple Hospital Bed can start from Rs 10,000 and go upto Rs 18,000.  Hospital Bed cost can vary between Rs 10,000 to 18,000Rs. Get Manual Hospital Bed for home use.

To know more about hospital bed on rent, cost of hospital rent on rent - you can call our experts at 9876978488 or 7087971180


Typically you need to source special built Mattress, since these beds have elevation functions and normal mattress will get spoilt and would be very inconvenient to the patient.

On the Power-operated modes, Hospital Beds for home are called by names like - Electric Hospital Bed or Motorised Hospital Bed or ICU Grade Hospital Bed. Typically price for Electric Hospital bed can start from Rs 30,000 for single function, but price of ICU Hospital Bed could go upto Rs 1,00,000.

Hospital bed have range of features such as (operated manually or on motor with remote) -

1. Back raise-Back rest elevation function - going upto 70% degrees (KEY Feature)

2. Leg raise function - going upto 45% degrees

3. Height adjustment of the hospital bed

4. Tilt feature - also known as trendelenburg function - which assists the patient in movement which they are themselves unable to do. Mostly required for ICU requirement

How to choose the right hospital bed for home?

We understand the importance of comfort and care during recovery, which is why we offer a range of specialized hospital beds available for rent, right in the comfort of your own home. Choosing the right hospital bed for your specific needs can greatly enhance the recovery process after a surgery or during an illness. Our team of experts is here to guide you through this crucial decision-making process.

When it comes to selecting the perfect hospital bed, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Different medical conditions and post-operative requirements demand different features and functionalities. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the characteristics of each bed, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the options available. From adjustable backrests and height variations to specialized mattress support, we cover it all. We understand that each added feature can affect the overall cost, and our commitment lies in providing you with affordable options without compromising on quality.

Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We take pride in offering not just beds, but solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Hospital bed for home use price?

The price for a patient hospital bed starts from 15,000 for a manual hospital bed to 100,000 for top-end fully functional motorised electric ICU bed.

How to get a hospital bed at home in Amritsar?

First you need to select the model of the hospital bed after detailed research or just pickup the phone and speak to one of our experts to choose the right fit hospital bed for home. We will arrange for the delivery and installation of the chosen hospital bed for home. We ensure that you get the bed at affordable and best prices.

If your need for the medical bed is for a short duration, you can opt for a hospital bed on rent. We offer hospital beds on rent in Amritsar. We make sure that the patient bed is in good working condition and necessary hygiene is ensured by us.  The hospital bed would be delivered, installed at your home with explanation of all the functionalities that the hospital bed supports besides all the precautions  you need to take, so as not to hurt patient or damage the patient bed.

Rent vs buy Hospital bed - Few Points to Consider 

Following are some points to note - when comparing RENT VS BUY hospital bed:

1. Test Before You Invest: Try a hospital bed on rent to gauge its suitability before buying.

2. Short-Term Need, Smart Choice: If it's a brief requirement, like post-op recovery, consider renting for a few weeks.

3. Worry-Free Maintenance: Renting ensures upkeep without the hassle, leaving maintenance to us.

4. Affordability Matters: Electric beds can be pricey upfront; affordable monthly rentals make renting a wise option.

5. Expert Assistance: Contact us in Amritsar for the best-priced hospital beds on rent, making quality accessible to all.

Process of getting a Hospital Bed on rent for home?

We provide Hospital bed on rent all across Amritsar. It is generally a three-step process –

1. Let our Experts choose the Right Hospital Beds for you:
Our experts guide you in selecting the perfect hospital bed from our range, ensuring it fits your requirements and budget. With options like Five Function electric ICU bed, Three function electric bed, Two functions electric bed, One function electric bed, Fowler and Semi-Fowler bed. Select a suitable rental plan for swift delivery, often on the same day, and rest assured of economical pricing.

2. Bed Delivered with Care:
Our skilled team delivers the chosen hospital bed to your home, providing a comprehensive rundown of its features. Thoroughly inspect the bed's condition and allow the intended user to experience its comfort and functions firsthand.

3. Flexible Returns and Renewals:
At the end of the rental term, easily renew your plan for the next month if needed. Alternatively, if the hospital bed is no longer necessary, return it hassle-free. Flexibility is key to our service.

Feel free to reach out to us for further details or visit our office in Amritsar. We're dedicated to offering quality hospital beds at the best prices to suit your needs.

Manual Hospital Bed V/S Motorised Hospital Bed 

Finding Hospital Beds at best price - patient bed for home. Choosing the right hospital bed for your home care needs is a crucial decision. A manual hospital bed offers cost-effectiveness and simple adjustments through crank systems, while a motorized bed provides unparalleled convenience with remote-controlled adjustments. The number of functions determines the bed's versatility, with options ranging from basic elevation to multi-angle adjustments for optimum comfort. Achieve mobility and stability with lockable wheels and integral side rails. Our range includes specialized mattresses for pressure relief and air mattress compatibility to prevent discomfort. Additional features such as IV stand support, accessory mounts, and drainage bag holders make your recovery experience seamless.

 Manual / Fowler Hospital beds

  • A standard hospital bed  is a bed having special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of caregivers.

  • They come in different models and can be basically divided into two categories: SEMI FOWLER and FULL FOWLER bed.

  • A semi fowler hospital bed has an option for back raise using a handle from the foot end.

  • A full fowler hospital bed there is an option for back raise as well as leg raise using two separate handles.

  • OPTIONAL Variants could have :

  1. Wheels

  2. Collapsible Side Railings

  3. ABS Back /  Front

  4. ABS side

Healthy Jeena Sikho in Amritsar is known for it's best rental and sale prices in the city for hospital beds, wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

Motorised Recliner Bed

Motorised Recliner Bed is an EXCLUSIVE Product from Healthy Jeena Sikho.

  • This does not require any specific place in the Bedroom.

  • This electric recliner can be fitted on any home-bed thus saves the space issues in small houses/apartments.

  • This provides the back raise function using a remote which makes the process of lifting the patient easy and also gives the patient the back support for sitting in upright position.

Motorised recliner bed on Rent is also available from Healthy Jeena Sikho in the cities of Amritsar

Cost of Motorized Recliner Bed on Rent is Rs 4000 and would need refundable deposit fee and freight charges.

To know more about motorised recliner beds on rent or motorised recliner bed on sale - you can call our expert at 9876978488 or 7087971180

Five Function Electric ICU Bed

  • This is an advanced medical bed and has features such as Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, special slanting feature, chair position facility, adjustable height and side rails and comes with the remote operated facility.

  • This bed can optionally have commode which is very useful for paralytic patients who find it difficult to use the toilet.

To get the best price of Five Function Electric ICU Bed contact us here.

Motorised ICU Bed

Looking for a motorised ICU bed on rent or ICU bed for sale - we provide both at Healthy Jeena Sikho. 

What are Motorised ICU Beds?

Motorised ICU Beds are special hospital beds designed for at home or in hospital special care patients - to take care of their critical needs and to monitor their parameters  creating a safe ecosystem for them at home. 

Our Motorised ICU Beds combine smart ergonomics with advanced technology and intuitive operation. Motorised ICU beds are able to provide both safety and comfort to the patients and caregivers alike.

We offer ICU Motorised Beds and Mechanical ICU Beds. The caregivers can tilt the ICU bed and can also adjust the height. 

To know more about motorised ICU beds on rent - you can also reach out to our experts at : 9876978488 or 7087971180

Our Range of Motorized Hospital Beds at the best price

Our Product Range

We at Healthy Jeena Sikho are excited to be able to serve people with different needs, from preventive healthcare needs to assisting those challenged with easy access and pay plans for medical equipment ranging from variety of Wheelchair (manual to electric wheelchair, commode wheelchair, folding wheelchair), range of hospital bed (from simple hospital bed - fowler beds to electric, wheeled, 3 function patient beds, to ICU hospital bed) to oxygen concentrator machines (from portable, 5L to 50 L capacity, with battery backup, 90% concentrated oxygen with 3 year warranty), BiPAP, CPAP and most of the other accessories for both home care and hospital needs.

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